Ashton Memorial, Fire Zone & Evacuation Plans

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Ashton Memorial is a beautiful historic monument and folly, located in Williamson Park, Lancaster County. It is a popular visitor attraction holding many events such as exhibitions, weddings and private functions. Standing 150ft tall, the landmark can easily be seen from the nearby motorway and has superb views of the countryside across to Morecambe Bay.

Built between 1907 and 1909, this Edwardian Baroque was commissioned by millionaire industrialist Baron Ashton (The Lino King) in memory of his second wife. It was designed by John Belcher & built at a cost of £87,000 (£4,588,000 in today’s money). The dome on top of the building is copper, while the foundation of the building is Portland stone and its steps Cornish granite. Within the building are figurative paintings of Commerce, Art and History by George Murray while outside there are sculptures by Herbert Hampton representing subjects such as Science and Industry.

Original CAD Solutions were commissioned by Lancaster City Council to carry out a building survey to provide professional Fire Zone and Evacuation Plans.

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These were completed by Senior CAD Technician, Geraint Brace. “This building was extremely interesting to survey and to work on. The building geometry is based around a central octagonal shape and has a high degree of symmetry”.

We wanted to produce very high quality plans that were sympathetic to the character of the building, which could be framed to blend in with the architecture and compliment this iconic buildings character.

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